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We provide a complete uPVC window and door system, from profiles, accessories and machinery to marketing and technical support to our dealers. We also have a state-of-the art window fabrication plant for end customers. We are working from last ten years. We have the capability of completing large projects on time, due to our high capacity modern fabrication plant. We always maintain a large stock of profiles and accessories for our dealers and end customers.

What is UPVC?

UPVC/Vinyl known as UNPLASTICISED POLYVINYL CHLORIDE is a superior material. Vinyl windows are made from rigid, impact-resistant polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with hollow spaces inside to make them resistant to heat loss and condensation. It is economical, highly durable and ecologically friendly. With the right combination of ingredients like stabilizers, pigments and filters, the optimal quality UPVC is manufactured.

Such fine modern UPVC windows and doors are far superior to any aluminum, steel and timber systems. UPVC windows have properties that make it the ideal material and provide the higher quality, durability and efficiency .It eliminates the possibility of air, water and sound leakages with its special sealing systems.

Why to choose UPVC for windows and doors?

Technical Specifications

Comparison & Analysis of UPVC with competitors
Windows are made from variety of materials including Wood, Aluminum, Steel, Vinyl/UPVC and Fiber Glass-or from a combination of these materials. In general those that offer better weather protection cost more, but they pay off in low maintenance and energy saving.

Characteristics Wood Aluminum Steel UPVC
Aesthetics good good fair Excellent
Durability good fair poor Excellent
Thermal Insulation excellent poor poor Excellent
Corrosion Resistant good fair poor Excellent
Cost expensive expensive cheap On par with wood & Aluminum