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Thermal and Sound Insulation in UPVC Windows design in Pakistan Admin 2 July, 2018 20 325

If you are living downtown in a crowded area you may have been irritated with hustle and bustle of the traffic passing through nearby road or neighbours keep wrangling around a lot for no reason and after long working sessions in office you need to retreat from all uncertainties in life or cops are patrolling across your nearby highway keep on siren-screaming on their way or there is buzzing noise always babbling in your ears from a market adjacent to your residence, then you really need a timeout, what’s the solution. Good news is, there is a solution. Well, you can't stop people from making a noise but you can stop the noise from entering your accommodation. You would have been wondering, how is it possible. It is possible if your doors and windows are UPVC.

Double Glazing Noise Reduction

Your windows and doors glass should have to provide enough protection from external noise. Now you have to choose which type of glass you should use. Well, the most commonly used glass is double glazed noise reduction glass. How thick is the glass and gap between both matters a lot and may reduce 60 to 70 percent of noise pollution. If you want extra noise protection then you have to invest more on the thickness of the glass. Double glazed glass reduces noise from 25 to 40 DB. Also, it prevents harmful heat waves to enter. The gap between the glasses should be 16mm which considers ideal for maximum noise and heat reduction.

Double glazed windows benefits

Reduces energy consumption

Double glazed UPVC class prevents heat maintain the room temperature which results in a controlled interior environment, so reducing the energy consumption up to certain level. Will make your rooms cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Saves your furniture

Double glazed UPVC glass prevents harmful sunrays from entering your rooms making your carpets, beds, sofas and other furniture safe and reduce damage.

Diminish heat

Protects UV rays from entering through double glass coated UPVC glass.


Thicker Double glazed glass increase level of your security as UPVC glass create a strong obstacle for burglars to break into your house, adds a strong protection and security factor in your safety. Mostly intruders try to sneak in through windows and if your window is protected through double glazed extra laminated UPVC glass then a person with bad intentions will think twice before coming your way.

Reduce condensation

Many homes face condensation issues as moist air damages windows during winter which makes feel colder in rooms. Double glazed windows hinder moisture and increase your comfort level.

Increase your property value

With impressive looks, your property creates dominance in your housing sector, creating worth and adds value to your apartment.

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